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Combining deep tissue muscle release techniques with the detailed understanding of the muscles around the spine gives a synergistic approach to looking after your spine with Chiropractic care.

With poor posture and poor spinal alignment, many muscles in the body are under constant tension as they try to compensate. Often, these muscles have been working hard compensating for your poor posture for years!

As you are aware from being a chiropractic patient, it takes time to re-organise your body and restore correct spinal alignment and posture. You may have experienced feeling great after an adjustment but then feeling your body go back to your old patterns a few days later (especially as you start chiropractic care).

This is because the muscles of your body are so used to compensating and being tight they often pull you back into your pre-adjusted alignment.

Remedial massage therapy is a fantastic modality that when used in conjunction with chiropractic care to help release muscle tension. It not only helps you feel great, it prevents your body from returning to its old ways.

Remedial massage speeds up your healing time and helps you integrate your new alignment and posture.

As such we recommend scheduling your massages and adjustments close together to gain the maximum benefit from these treatments. Ask our friendly team today about booking a massage before your next adjustment!


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