7 Ways To Treat A Pinched Nerve

There are few conditions more painful and more irritating than a pinched nerve, but what exactly is a pinched nerve? This occurs when tissue around a nerve gets pressed or “pinched” against the nerve, causing inflammation and pain until it heals. Having poor health or nutrition can worsen the pain. Thankfully, there are several ways

Top 5 Tennis Elbow Exercises To Relieve Pain

The tennis elbow injury is surprisingly not limited to tennis players. Other athletes such as swimmers and baseball players can suffer tennis elbow, and non-athletes such as butchers, plumbers, and carpenters are also susceptible to tennis elbow. Thankfully, there are a few tennis elbow exercises out there to help treat this injury. But let’s start

Spinal Alignment: Why It’s Critical For Great Health

Many of us are familiar with the rule to “work on your posture”, but it’s still a piece of advice that many fail to heed. Experts in back pain estimate that over 80% of the population will have some form of back pain over the course of their lives, and this can occur at any

How To Avoid A Pinched Nerve

There’s nothing worse than a pinched nerve. The feeling of pins and needles, numbness, burning, and tingling can all result from a pinched nerve. And the worst part is, in the right conditions it doesn’t take much to cause it; oftentimes, just extended cases of poor posture is enough to create a pinched nerve. These

A Guide To Spinal Decompression

Chronic back pain and neck pain can be some of the worst kind of pain you can carry around, and many of us live with it without even knowing that it’s a problem. The Australian National Health Survey found last year that up to 90% of Australians will live with lower back pain at some

Top 5 Health Tips During The Christmas And New Year Period

Christmas, New Year’s—the month of December is a time of family, fun, and (unfortunately) feasts! It’s easy to spend an entire year watching your weight by regularly going to the gym and eating the right food, only to see all the progress melt away the moment that first Christmas party comes around the corner. But

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, but one that comes with many aches and pains all around the body; specifically, the hips and lower back. Around half of all pregnant women go through back pain at some point during their pregnancy. Thankfully, this pain may be avoided with a simple trip to your nearest pregnancy

Simple Remedies For A Stiff Neck

Stiff neck and neck pain in general are becoming huge issues for Australians and people worldwide. It’s estimated that every year at least 40% of Australian adults experience some kind of neck pain. In many cases, this neck pain is caused by stiff neck, which is a result of our modern lifestyles: staring at computer

Do I Have a Slipped Disc?

Experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, or discomfort in your lower back? Do you have trouble moving or raising your legs? Is there an unexplained pain shooting in the back of your leg, from your buttocks to your knee? Are you going to the bathroom more or less often than normal? If so, our team of chiropractors

5 Home Remedies To Ease Neck Pain

Neck pain can be one of the most aggravating experiences of discomfort that a person can go through. Studies have shown that 10-15% of people suffer neck pain, with many cases going unreported and undiagnosed. For many, neck pain is one of those issues that are both bothersome enough to ruin your day, but not

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