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  • With over 8 years of clinical experience and several post-graduate programs and courses later, Dr. Jade Chang (Chiropractor), one of the Chiropractors here at First Choice Chiropractic, now has online Integrative Health Appointments available for all your integrative healthcare needs.
  • Have you felt lost and confused with your standard healthcare? Been told you are “normal” when you know something isn’t right? This was an all too common complaint Jade noticed in so many of her patients when it came to their past healthcare experiences.
  • The Integrative Health approach allows you to fully, non-judgementally, and confidently voice your health concerns so we can delve into your “internal health” holistically. Expect to have your health analysed in areas of gut health, food allergy, hormonal health, women’s health, nutrition and more!
Integrated Health Services Brisbane
Dr Jade-Tina Yilyn Chang Brisbane Chiropractor

Chiropractor РWarwick and Toowong 

  • Practitioner of Integrated Health
  • Post-Graduate Diplomate in Chiropractic Paediatrics
  • Special Interest in Pregnancy Care
  • Special Interest in Family Care
  • Special Interest in Applied Kinesiology

Dr Jade is here to help and is available now for online appointments.


First Choice Chiropractic provides a professional, caring and holistic integrated health service.

Online & Phone Consults

  • Initial consults are followed by shorter Zoom Follow Up appointments – as many as are deemed necessary.
  • Complimentary 5 to 15 minute phone call check-in between visits if required.

Easy and Convenient Service

  • Initial appointments can be made by our Chiropractic Assistant staff at First Choice Chiropractic. Pre-payment for this is taken over the phone or in person to secure the appointment.
  • Alternatively you can book and pre-pay online via secure card payment.
  • Follow-up appointment invoices are sent by us as well.

Laboratory Testing & Interpretation

  • We use services from many Laboratory and Genetic testing providers
  • Our most common tests are IgG allergy testing, comprehensive digestive stool analysis and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.
Health & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

While not a nutrition or dietetics-based service, we are equipped with in-depth understanding and knowledge of the nutritional aspects of health and how they can affect our wellbeing. Your consultations may involve writing a diet diary, changing your diet, having appropriate testing done, removing inflammatory foods, and more!

Natural Medicine & Supplementation

After consultation and testing (if required), to meet the demands of the body, supplementation alongside diet and nutrition changes may be advised. We offer high-quality, rigorously tested, practitioner-only-grade supplements that can be purchased through an online patient-ordering portal, picked up in office, or posted depending on your location.

Natural Medicine and Supplementation
Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

A truly healthy lifestyle encompasses other important aspects such as stress management, exercise, low-tox living, less need or reliance on pharmaceuticals, good quality sleep, and generally living as close to nature as possible. These may be discussed and recommendations made if it’s relevant to your current lifestyle.