Chiropractic care should be more than just treating a problem. A holistic chiropractic approach takes everything into consideration as a whole. This includes things like your diet, lifestyle, posture and fitness level. So, what is holistic chiropractic care? How is it different from regular chiropractic and why should I choose a holistic chiropractor? Discover the answers to all your holistic chiropractic questions.

What is a holistic chiropractor?

Holistic chiropractors focus on a broader ideology, where a combination of factors is taken into consideration when treating a problem. It focuses on the ideology that it isn’t practical to treat a problem only to have it return because the underlying issue wasn’t addressed. For example, issues that may contribute to back pain may be posture, activities you do everyday, diet, fitness, etc. Holistic chiropractic care use this information about your lifestyle, diet and routines to get to the root of a problem. Once the foundations are established they can then treat the problem as a whole. Looking at the cause, treatment and prevention of a health issue prevent the likelihood of it returning.

How are they different from regular chiropractic care?

Chiropractors who do not take a holistic approach may simply focus on the condition you have and then treat it. This approach while gives you temporary relief, may not solve the problem fully, allowing it to return. Everyone’s situation is different. Perhaps you were involved in an accident and need an adjustment to re-align your spine. This situation would not need additional advice on prevention as we would like to think accidents aren’t an ongoing occurrence. If it was a serious issue, however; it would still require methods to maintain good spinal health to recover fully. Issues, where you have simply woken up with a sore back, would be an example of a situation requiring further analysis.

Why choose a holistic chiropractor?

Holistic chiropractic care places you, your health and well-being in the forefront. It doesn’t just see you as another client but really works to ensure you and your needs are looked after as a whole. Holistic chiropractors go that extra mile to give you the care and treatment your body needs. Personalised advice and suggestions help you understand your body’s needs and how you can prevent, treat and maintain a healthy spine. It also provides you with all the tools to further, once treated, maintain a strong and healthy spine whilst prevent re-occurring problems.

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