You have a newborn infant, and you want to make sure they get the best start to life that you can provide. One option that many new parents are trying these days is Chiropractic care. But how can you be sure that your infant will benefit from a Paediatric Chiropractor, and what will those benefits be?

Here’s everything you need to know about Chiropractic and your infant, and why these two are a much better combination than you realise.

What Is Chiropractic? 

Whether you’re a long-time Chiropractic patient or you’re just reading about this for the first time, Chiropractic is simple: it’s the non-surgical, drug-free practice of using gentle yet firm manipulations with the hands to promote maximum alignment and healing in the body.

A Chiropractor is a qualified expert with the body, the human structure and anatomy, and how these pieces work together in harmony. A Chiropractic treatment involves the stretching, pressing, and manipulating of the bones and nerves to their best physical state.

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Does My Baby Really Need This Much Work? 

First Choice Chiropractic Does My Baby Really Need This Much Work

Some parents might think that their newborn infant doesn’t have the kind of daily stress and years of bad posture to justify Chiropractic work, and they might be right on those points. However, that doesn’t mean that a healthy baby can’t be further helped by Chiropractic. There are many ways a Paediatric Chiropractor can help your baby, so we’ve listed a few of them below.

Note: It’s important to remember that any treatment applied to a baby should be brought up first with your general practitioner or with a qualified Chiropractor. Trying any kind of Chiropractic at home on your own should never be done, as you might possibly hurt or harm the infant.

1. Boost the Immune System 

Infants get sick often, and it’s no surprise why – with an immune system still in its developmental stages, and with a body still getting used to the many kinds of germs and viruses around the world, babies are no strangers to colds, coughs, and flus.

But Chiropractic care can help boost the immune system, and potentially heighten its ceiling for growth. The immune system is hugely reliant on the health of the spine, as the spine plays a formative role in the nervous system and the nerve pathways. With a healthy, properly managed spine, an infant can be sure to beat their first bouts of sickness with ease.

First Choice Chiropractic Boost The Immune System
First Choice Chiropractic Lessen Irritability

2. Lessen Their Irritability

You might not believe it, but studies have found that babies who undergo Chiropractic sessions tend to be less irritable than their average peers. Doctors believe that this might have something to do with why babies are fussy: headaches, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and slight yet painful ticks around the body caused by a variety of reasons. Simply put, every time your baby feels something discomforting, you’re bound to start hearing them scream.

But after a handful of Chiropractic sessions, infants tend to become much calmer throughout the day. By promoting the mechanical growth of the spine, and thus promoting a healthier flow of the nervous system, the infant’s body becomes generally healthier, thus reducing their urge to thrash and moan.

3. Reduce The Chance Of Ear Infection

Ear infection is a huge issue for many infants, but Chiropractic can lend a hand at reducing its likelihood (and even help in treating it). How?

Ear infections occur when the eustachian tube becomes clogged due to allergies or sickness, thus preventing the excess fluid in the ear from draining out. The gentle touches of a Chiropractor on the upper part of the spine encourage this tube to unclog and dilute, allowing the ear to drain.

First Choice Chiropractic Reduce Ear infection
First Choice Chiropractic Engage Proper Physical Development

4. Engage Proper Physical Development 

When in the womb, foetuses have to maintain a fixed, curved position, and they achieve this by only having half the length of a spine that they need to eventually grow. This means that babies are born with primary spinal curves, and then grow their secondary curves over the first 1-2 years of life. This is why it generally takes a year before a baby can hold up its head or sit on its butt, as that’s how long it takes to further develop the spine.

This requires a ton of work from the body, and in some cases, this growth can go wrong. A Chiropractor can ensure that this spine is guided along its path of growth at the proper pace. You will end up with a child guaranteed to have a stellar posture from the very start.

But Wait: Won’t My Baby Cry?

First Choice Chiropractic But Wait Won't My Baby Cry

Many parents become afraid during their infant’s first Chiropractic session, as the baby is likely to cry as if in pain. However, this is nothing to be worried about: a qualified Paediatric Chiropractor knows how to gently manipulate your baby’s body without hurting them.

The crying is a result of being placed in a position they are not quite accustomed to, and will end as soon as they become used to it.

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