When was the last time you seriously asked yourself: am I in physical pain?

As a young or middle-aged adult, it’s easy to go through life ignoring the small aches and pains over your body. After all, as a kid, these pains usually mean nothing and more often than not, they just get better on their own.

But the worst kind of pain is the kind that slowly creeps up on you, increasing in intensity and annoyance little by little over time. Eventually, one day you will wake up with a pain you can no longer ignore, and by then the problem might already be much worse than it was, making treatment just that much more difficult.

For most Australians, this scenario isn’t that far-fetched. For most of us, this comes in the form of back pain.

Back Pain: An Australian Epidemic

For Australians, back pain is a huge problem. In fact, when it comes to back pain, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has a number of shocking statistics:

  • Nearly 4 million Australians reported back pain to a physician in 2014
  • Back pain is the third leading cause of pain burden for Australians in 2011
  • 80% of those suffering back problems have additional problems with self-care, communication, and mobility
  • Around 70-90% of Australians will experience some form of back pain during their lives, but most will leave it untreated

So how do you know that the pain you are experiencing is actually “back pain”? Typically, if you a long-term ache in your back—anywhere from the bottom of your neck to the bottom of your spine—this is most likely back pain.

These problems include:

  • Tingling, weakness, or numbing in your legs, beginning from the bottom of your spine
  • Pressure on a part of your spine
  • Neck pain, or stiff neck
  • Pain caused by conditions or injuries anywhere around your back
  • Joint wear and tear in the spine

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain can be caused by a number of factors. These include:

  • Injuries (current or in the past)
  • Bad posture such as slouching or resting your weight on one side
  • Certain diseases, including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • Genetic conditions, which has recently been shown to have a huge impact on whether an individual develops back pain or not
  • General age and fitness of a body
  • Weight
  • Work that involves heavy lifting

The biggest mistake that many people make is ignoring mild back pain, believing it to be the cause of a bad night of sleep or stress. But you don’t need a major issue to occur to truly injure your back.

Your back can be injured from incidents as trivial as sitting for too long, picking things up improperly, having little to no core strength, stress, and pre- and post-natal discomfort. If you begin to feel back pain, it might be time to treat it.

How Can You Treat Back Pain?

If you have yet to experience any major or recurring back pain, you can still add preventative maintenance to your daily routine to help keep the pain away. For example, one easy way to lower your possibility of developing back pain is by simply keeping your body healthy. Others include regularly working out, going out for a run, stretching and yoga, correcting your posture, and even having a massage for spinal alignment.

However, many Australians still neglect the upkeep of their back, and when they do feel back pain, they do little to properly treat it. Many might drop by to have a single massage or chiropractic appointment, but their treatment ends there.

And this is a big problem: back pain is a lifelong issue if not dealt with properly. Just because you feel good after a nice massage, doesn’t mean your long-term issues have been fixed. Spinal issues can’t be fixed in a single session! In some cases, you might have made your issues worse.

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The Right Treatment – First Choice Chiropractic

To truly treat your back pain the right way, you need to sit down with a professional chiropractic and lay out a long-term plan towards getting your back in healthy shape. With First Choice Chiropractic, we help our patients with all their back problems, giving them a detailed analysis and understanding of why exactly their back is in pain, and what we need to do to solve it.

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Give us a call or drop on by today, and let us start preparing your chiropractic treatment plan to help your body get back on track.