More and more studies are beginning to show the interlinking factors of chiropractic and an individual’s wellness. Not only is spinal adjustments used by Brisbane chiropractors relieving pain and discomfort but it can also help improve quality of life. Here’s how.

Chiropractic, since its development in 1895, has offered suffers of back and neck pains, headaches and migraine a natural, non-surgical and drug free treatment. Due to the spine’s vital role in transmitting signals to and from the brain, around your body, it is any wonder that when problems arise with our spine we may experience other problems in conjunction. Dysfunctional vertebral segments (Vertebral Subluxations), which involves your spinal segments shifting out of position, can affect the nerves and signals to and from our brain contributing to other health concerns such as depression, headaches and migraines, numbness, weight gain, loss of balance, digestion problems, low immunity and disease.


Brisbane chiropractors through spinal adjustments help re-align the spine enabling efficient nerve flow. Overtime, as scar tissue built up around the spine, discs and nerves heals, effects of the spinal subluxations will reduce, allowing people to access the freedom, mobility and quality of life that they once dreamed of.

Here at First Choice Chiropractic, our Brisbane chiropractors take on a holistic approach in the treatment of our patients. This involves considering a combination of factors, such as lifestyle, diet and routines, which all play a role in our health and wellbeing. It is simply not effective practice to purely treat health complaints without considering the cause, treatment and prevention of a health issue to prevent the likelihood of it returning.

This holistic approach aids Brisbane chiropractors to aid treatment, alleviating pain and discomfort across all aspects of an individual’s health and wellbeing. Improving the integrity of neurological systems and individual’s lifestyles, patients have reported improvements in their emotional and psychological health, stress levels, sleeping and eating habits, energy levels as well as a reduced dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. Combined this holistic chiropractic care approach can enhance patient’s happiness, mobility and quality of life, helping them get well and stay well.

If you are experiencing back and neck pain or headaches and migraines, book an appointment to see one of our professional, holistic Brisbane chiropractors today.

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