Between 2014-2015, one in six Australians reported experiencing back pain^. This statistic mirrors an increase in people requiring a chiropractor in Brisbane, including children and teens. So, what causes back pain in young people?

Children and teenagers are at that wonderful stage in life where they are often full of energy. Their muscles are developing and they can easily bounce back and recover during times of illness or injury. Children and teenagers can suffer from back pain for a number of reasons. Females in particular, as indicated by the statics, are generally affected. Some of these back complaints can quite easily be helped, preventing further problems later in life.

Day-to-day Activities

Children who attend school are at risk of developing back pains due to strenuous tasks associated. School bags and long periods sitting in class can be factors which contribute to back pain in young people. Poor posture, overfilled or non-proportioned back packs are aspects to investigate if your child is experiencing neck, back or shoulder pains.

To prevent pain associated with school bags and posture, ensure your child has a good quality school bag. Quality school bags should come with adjustable straps and waist clip to weight close to the back. School bags should be sized in proportion to your child’s height and weighs less than 10% of their body weight.** Teach your child to always carry their bag on both shoulders and adjust straps to ensure the bag sits close to their back.

Posture can be improved by guidance to sit and stand up straight without slouching. Regularly stretching after sitting for long periods of time also helps.

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Diet & Weight

63%* of Australians are considered overweight. Poor diets and a lack of exercise are often major factors contributing to this factor of Australians. Obesity and back pain, in the holistic Brisbane chiropractic industry, have been know to correlate with each other. Strain under the weight or pressure on the spinal, due to obesity, often results in back pain and vertebral subluxations. This can affect children as well as adults.

A balanced diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise per day is recommended to maintain a healthy body and weight. At First Choice Chiropractic our Brisbane chiropractors offer specialist chiropractic and nutritional support. This can help you or your children achieve a happy and healthy body and quality of life.

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Regular exercise, of at least 30 minutes per day, is important to help develop strong, supportive muscles, especially in young people. Strong muscles helps to support and shape vital body infrastructure, such as the spine, as children develop into adults.

Unfortunately, sometime injuries can happen, whether it is when your child is playing sport or simply having an accident. Seeking diagnosis and treatment from a chiropractor in Brisbane as soon as possible can lead to successful and speedy recovery times. Treating injuries as soon as possible also prevents long term health and back problems.

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Growing Up & Genetics

Children can be born with genetic spinal conditions such as Scoliosis, a condition where the spine is curved instead of being straight. Conditions such as Scoliosis, often develop and become apparent as children hit adolescence and start growing. Symptoms can appear as back pain, lower back and hip pain, unlevelled hips and shoulders as well as a non-straight posture.

If your child is experiencing back or neck pain, see your local Brisbane chiropractor to seek advice and treatment as soon as possible. This helps resolve problems early, to reduce any long term effects.

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