When it comes to healthcare you want to know that you are putting your health in good hands without it costing you the earth. So, what should you look for when trying to find affordable chiropractic care?


Who Doesn’t Love A Great Deal?

New Patient Offers and “latest deals” are great ways to test the water. They can help you find the right affordable chiropractic care for you without forking out big dollars for the simple stuff. Generally, they comprise of initial consultations and checks to get a basic understanding of your health concerns.

Always be sure to check upon enquiry, what the on-going fees following these offers are to ensure they fit within your budget.


Private Healthcare Cover

Knowing that your healthcare fund will cover you for chiropractic care is a great feeling. Being covered can save you a generous amount of money in the long run. When it comes to finding affordable chiropractic care, look for chiropractors that are registered with your healthcare fund provider. First Choice Chiropractors are registered with every healthcare fund provider in Australia. This enables you to get quality healthcare and stress less about the bill. Contact your health care fund to check your health coverage.


Know What You Are Paying For

What is included in the cost? There is nothing worse than walking out of an appointment not 100% happy with the service. Asking ahead or doing some research is always a good idea to establish what you are getting for your money. What is involved in that “New Patient Offer” or “latest deal”? Discover our First Choice New Patient Offer, or contact our friendly team today to find out more!


Do They Offer A Range Of Services?

Affordable chiropractic care can come down to what services a chiropractor offers. Seeking external services can be costly when you are required to see multiple specialists for the one complaint. It can help if you chiropractor can also buy in any support products if needed also. You can save time and money if your chiropractor can organise all your support pillow, spinal orthotic or foot leveller needs for you.


Get the affordable chiropractic care you need today! Take advantage of our New Patient Offer. Contact our friendly team to find out more. Call (07) 3256 4500.