You’ve only got one spine and it is very difficult to fix once damaged, thus it is ever so important to look after it. At First Choice Chiropractic our Brisbane North side Chiropractors value a holistic approach to spinal care. We look at how individuals can care for their spine through everyday activities rather than purely treating back problems. How we sit on our chairs, how we sleep at night or what we carry around, can all affect the strain we place on our spine. These top Brisbane north side chiropractor tips can help you achieve great spinal health in a few easy steps.

1. Mind Your Posture

Consider, how are you sitting/standing right now? Is your back straight, or slouched? Are you leaning to one side, or have your legs crossed? Sometimes it is hard to be mindful of your posture throughout the day, however; it can be an extremely good habit to get into. Yes, it is great for your back not being slouched over, but it also makes you looks open, inviting and professional as well. This is particularly a good practice in a workplace atmosphere. Think about it, would you be more likely to approach someone for help who is sitting at a computer, back straight, feet apart at ease, head straight ahead at the screen? Or would you approach someone who is bent over, chin on their palm, legs crossed out in front and staring down at a screen?

Brisbane North side Chiropractor Tips Good Posture
Brisbane North side Chiropractor Tips Poor Posture

A top Brisbane chiropractor tip to introduce good posture into your day is to imagine a helium balloon attached to the top of your head pulling you up. By imagining this it allows your shoulders, neck, and back to be pulled straight, aligning your spine. This position is what should be your natural sitting/standing position. Try and do this as often as you can throughout your day.

Brisbane North side Chiropractor Tips Good Posture Tips

2. Get Physical

Daily exercise is important for your health and wellbeing. Exercise releases natural “feel good” chemicals to increase happiness, strengthening muscles and maintaining a healthy weight. When done properly, it also strengthens the muscles that support your spine, encouraging good posture and a straight spine.

Whilst at work, especially if you work on computers or carry out repetitious activities, stretch and take little breaks regularly. Simple stretches reaching to the sky with both hands, touching your toes, gentle neck, hand and foot rolls help relieve strain on your body and your eyes.

Yoga, weights and simple stretches can directly help to improve your back strength, however; most sports incorporate aspects which strengthen the back. If you are experiencing back pain, see your Brisbane North Side chiropractor for advice on the best exercises for you.

3. Bend Your Knees, Not Your Back

It is not often that you would go through a single day without picking something up. Whether it is your son/daughter, equipment at work or a bunch of files, the weight and how you pick things up can also contribute to back pain. Another top Brisbane North side Chiropractor tip is to when lifting heavy items, remember to bend your knees, keeping your back straight. It is a general rule to not lift, on your own, more than 25kg for men, 16kg for women.

4. Make Your Spine Love Your Bed As Much As You Do

Having the right mattress, pillows and sleeping position can help your spine love sleeping as much as you do. Speciality back-supporting foam, latex, and sprung mattresses, recommended by chiropractors can help support your spine while you sleep. Pillows such as Tranquillow and other chiropractic speciality pillows are great for providing you with adequate neck and upper spinal support. Talk to your local Brisbane chiropractor for advice on choosing the right support for you.

5. Be Mindful About Technology Use

How much time would you spend looking at your mobile? Most people probably don’t hold their phone out in front of them to read that juicy article, search that interest or watch that video going viral. Continuously looking down at your mobile, device or even a book can put a strain on your neck and spine. Remember to stretch and look up regularly, whilst being mindful of how long you have been performing that task. Your spine will thank you for it!

6. What’s Weighing You Down?

Children love to be held by their parents and bags are handy to carry our stuff around with us, however; continually carrying them on a side can cause strain on our spine. Carrying something on one side twists your spine to counterbalance the weight, strengthening one side and leaving the other weak. Consider alternating sides, carrying less, backpacks and opt for a pram for young children rather than carrying them.

7. You Only Get Out What You Put In

What we put into our body obviously will contribute to how it performs. A balanced diet helps keep us strong and healthy, however; overeating and eating poor food choices can cause weight issues. Obesity is a common problem facing many Australians. It can make daily activities a lot more troublesome and put a lot of strain on our muscles, including our back, to counterbalance the weight. It is important to be mindful of your diet, combined with how much exercise you undertake to help maintain a healthy weight.

Cigarettes are also known to deplete our tissue of vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining a healthy body and bones. Not only do they deplete us, they also dehydrate and cause inflammation which can cause a range of spine and health problems. So, if you weren’t already considering calling it quits, now might be as good a time as any.

8. Professional Advice

Sometimes there comes a time where we need professional advice. Regular appointments with a Brisbane north side Chiropractor can help resolve problems early and maintain exceptional spine health. Whether it is general spinal check-ups, a back or neck complaint or simply some advice, our First Choice Top Brisbane north side Chiropractors can help.

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