Neck pain can be one of the most aggravating experiences of discomfort that a person can go through. Studies have shown that 10-15% of people suffer neck pain, with many cases going unreported and undiagnosed. For many, neck pain is one of those issues that are both bothersome enough to ruin your day, but not bad enough to demand a visit to the hospital.

By living with neck pain, you subject yourself to a continuous sharp pain down your shoulders and neck. This can lead to a variety of symptoms, including stiff neck, a numbing neck, headaches and migraines, and more.

But there’s some good news—there are several home remedies that can help you ease neck pain.


Here are the best ways you can begin easing your neck pain at home today:

1. Special Neck Exercises

There are certain neck exercises you can perform that will help you ease any existing pain in your neck. One cause of neck pain comes from having weak core muscles, which forces your body to curve inwards unnaturally, thus adding too much stress to the neck. Training these core muscles can do wonders for both your neck and back.

To achieve relief for your neck immediately, however, you can perform the following movements:

  • Bend your neck back and forth slowly, then side to side.
  • Keep doing this until all the muscles in your neck begin to feel relaxed. Now turn you head from one side to another. If you feel pain, push through but be slow.
  • Do this at least 20 times, and then perform the complete exercise at least 3 to 4 times a day until your neck stiffness is gone.
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2. Essential Oils 

Applying some essential oils to your neck can help in easing some of the pain, due to their properties and the way they stimulate your body. One of the best home secrets requires mixing:

  • Lavender oil: known to help relax muscles and ease physical stress
  • Peppermint oil: used to treat general pain and headaches with its anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Cypress oil: commonly used to treat soreness and cramps
  • Basil oil: known to help stimulate the blood
  • Olive oil

By taking a few drops of each oil, mixing them together, and massaging the liquid to your neck, you might begin to feel relief in your neck area.

3. Cold Temperature Therapy

One easy way to ease neck pain is by applying ice onto the affected area. With either a few ice cubes wrapped inside of a small hand towel, or a small ice pack just taken out of the freezer, apply pressure onto the part of the neck feeling pain. Try to keep the ice there for 5-10 minutes; afterwards, let your neck rest by lying down for another few minutes before moving around again.

This helps by reducing any existing swelling caused by the pain. The cold from the ice helps reduce the stiffness in your neck.

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4. Epsom Salt Bath

One lesser known home remedy involves Epsom salt and a nice warm bath. If your home has a bathtub that you enjoy using from time to time, this might be the solution for you.

Fill your bathtub 70-80% of the way with water and then sprinkle in about two cups of Epsom salt. Mix the salt in the water, letting it dissolve and soak. When the salt has dissolved into the water, lay down in the bathtub and enjoy.

How does this help ease neck pain? The magnesium and sulfate in the Epsom helps regulate the body’s enzymes, while also helping blood circulation throughout the body.

5. Neck Colla

If you are feeling drastic, you might be tempted to wrap a neck collar from a previous injury in the family around your neck. This can be problematic, as neck collars should only be worn when a neck has to be supported to help carry the head. Collars assist the neck during injury, keeping them safe during the healing process.

However, if you are suffering simple neck pain or neck stiffness, a neck collar will only worsen your pain.

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When Home Remedies Aren’t Enough: First Choice Chiropractic

If your neck pain has been bugging you for longer than you can handle, then it’s time to let go of the home remedies and book an appointment with First Choice Chiropractic, home of the best chiropractors in Brisbane and Queensland.

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