It is always good to be prepared, no matter what the situation. If you’re looking to book your first appointment with a Brisbane chiropractor, here’s some good questions to ask prior.

1. What forms of treatment do you offer?

Discovering a chiropractor’s range of treatments is always a good idea. If they only offer a few selected treatments they may not be suitable to treat your needs. Finding a Brisbane chiropractor that covers a range of treatments helps ensure you get the right treatment for you.

2. Do you take X-rays, if they are needed?

X-rays are a contributing method used to help find the cause of a problem and recommend a treatment. It is good to know how, when, and where x-rays can be done, even though they aren’t always needed. Are they performed in-house or at a preferred, close location? These are excellent questions to ask prior your visit, along with estimated costs for X-rays, to help you plan ahead.

3. What are my payment options?

Before your arrival, it is a good idea to find out what payment options are offered. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are not going to get there only to discover your desired payment method isn’t suitable. Do they take all credit cards, cash, or offer payment plans? Is there a surcharge for any of these methods? Knowing your options and what they entail allows you to make an informed decision that will make your experience a smooth and pleasant one.

4. What should I expect on my first visit?

When you aren’t sure what to expect, your first visit can be a little scary, however; it definitely doesn’t have to be. Asking the friendly receptionist or exploring their website to find out what to expect, removes any unexpected surprises and helps you feel relaxed and prepared.

5. Will my healthcare provider cover me?

Knowing what healthcare providers, if any, your chiropractor is registered with could save you quite a bit of money over the course of your treatment. Asking, on your first enquiry, will help you determine which Brisbane chiropractor not only can treat you but also fits your needs.

6. How long are the treatment sessions?

Treatment session times will depend on your condition and the treatment you require, however; having a rough idea of how long they are, allows you to plan ahead. It can help to ask when you book an appointment whether the chiropractor will have enough time in the session to diagnose and treat your condition, or will you require an extended session, or another appointment?

7. How can I prevent the problems I am experiencing?

Diagnosing a problem and treating it doesn’t mean that the problem is fixed if it comes back due to something you may be doing to cause it. Knowing what you are doing to cause the problem initially and what you can do to prevent it, can prevent it returning. Asking your chiropractor what their preventative suggestions are, can stop the problem reoccurring and prevent serious health concerns later on in life. It is easier to break a habit in its earlier stages than after years of nurturing it.

8. How often should I come back for treatment?

The frequency of your visits, over time should slowly decline as your condition improves. It is important to gain an understanding of what your body will need to recover, which includes how often you may need to return for treatment and over what time period should you start noticing an improvement? These details will help you plan ahead and set some goals to get you back to ideal health.

9. If I’m feeling better, do I need to come back?

Pre-emptively ceasing treatment after you start to feel better, when the problem isn’t fully healed is quite common. It, however; can cause you to be less careful and even flare the problem back up again. You often don’t need to return, however; to be safe, it can be a good idea to get a final check. This ensures your condition is healed before you return back to normal daily activities. After given the “all clear”, don’t forget to continue to maintain any exercises, preventing problems returning.

10. How does chiropractic help my situation?

It is important to understand your body, how it works, and what treatments can help certain ailments that you may experience throughout your life. If you know what treatment are used to treat a particular problem, if you ever experience something similar again, you will have an understanding of what you can do, or who you can see to get treatment. Finding out how your chiropractor can help you, helps with this understanding. Ask them to clarify any information you don’t understand and don’t be afraid to ask questions, every bit of information you gain about your body can help you look after it and keep it in good health.

It never hurt to be prepared. The more informed you are about your health, helps you understand what your body requires to keep it in tip top condition and gives you the knowledge to know how to fix problems when they arise. Your health is important and it is important to give your body the very best.

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